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PersuasionAPI is a SaaS based API for e-Commerce marketing teams. We help retailers increase the value of individual customers and keep them coming back.

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Learn Which Marketing Language Makes Visitors Act

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How persuasive technology works

Our API analyzes customer data to show how customers can be influenced — the messages that make them move into action, how much they spend, even how they use your webstore. These behavioral customer-specific insights enable businesses to advertise and communicate in more effective and meaningful ways.

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Real-time, Automated Learning From Your Shoppers Behavior

PersuasionAPI acts on powerful insights into the real behavior of each individual person.

How you can Increase webstore individual visitor value
Rory Sutherland testimonial PersuasionAPI

This is one of the most interesting and actionable approaches to customer segmentation I have seen. And it's based on sensible psychological principles, and continuous validation, rather than on dubious one-off mathematical trickery.

Rory Sutherland - Vice Chairman, Ogilvy Group UK

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How to use persuasive techniques

Make User-Driven Design Decisions

Other tools tell you which pages get viewed, and which button colour matters. With PersuasionAPI, you can start testing to figure out which psychological principles do and don’t work for your visitors. Each interaction gets connected to the person that did it in real-time. Finally you’ll know which psychological trigger works for each person.

Adjust Your Website for Each Shopper

With data on real people, you’ll know the communication preference of each person. By sending real-time data to PersuasionAPI, you will learn which persuasion strategy is most effective for each individual. Each shopper has an experience uniquely designed for the according to their psychology.

Personalization for eCommerce
How to Start Persuasion Profiling

Forget Testing, Start Learning. From Each Shopper.

Regular testing tools (think A/B and multivariate) only let you track the next steps. PersuasionAPI acts as your online salesman, with technology that gives you the best suggestions for the best persuasive strategy for each shopper.

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Common Questions

What about the pricing?

"Monthly visitors" are counted as the number of unique visitors that use PersuasionAPI, by being bucketed into at least one experiment on your website. The more API calls, the more you will learn from your customers.

Where can I use PersuasionAPI?

PersuasionAPI works anywhere you place content. Whether it is in your emails, call-to-action buttons or in your product descriptions. Across all of your sales channels and that’s only the beginning.

Difference with A/B- testing?

Opposed to other A/B or Multivariate testing applications we keep track of individual customers, and will model them individually. We optimize for individuals on a continuous basis.

Is it safe?

As safe as the website of your favourite online bank.

As seen on:

PersuasionAPI Press Coverage

“Retailers could not only personalize which products are shown, they could personalize the way they’re pitched, too…”

PersuasionAPI TechCrunch

“Mass customization, of the kind used by Amazon... is increasingly supplemented with “personalized persuasion”.

PersuasionAPI MediaCom

“Such "persuasion profiles" differ... in that they are based on an understanding of our psychology rather than the relevance of a particular book or music track”.

PersuasionAPI Forbes

“By marrying psychology and customer data, smart companies will give customers more of what they want: someone who speaks their language.”

Software built to give you laser-focus with your marketing messages.

You’ll finally know which marketing language leads to conversions. It also provides insight into how your visitors behavior changes over time and how your business is developing.

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